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Minecraft gamers need VPN protection

The Minecraft game is all about survival and creativity,
Minecraft is safer with VPN

Experts. Gaming is one of the best reasons for VPN

Minecraft is one of the world's most successful games enjoyed by children, adults, pro-level gamers alike. However, its success has caused lots of problems which can be helped by a good VPN. Nord VPN can help gamers both enjoy Minecraft more and remain safe on the platform. A good VPN service can help people;

  • Speed the game up
  • Choose international server
  • Keep free from DDoS attack disguising your IP address
  • Avoid ISP throttling [explained below] 

What is Minecraft

The Minecraft game is all about survival and creativity, in survival mode, the goal is... to survive. Players arrive in the Minecraft world and are immediately challenged to use its resources to find shelter, build anew, find food. Creatively gamers need to craft new tools to build out the universe and create the world they want to live in.

Minecraft is Mojang’s sandbox video game where players build things in a 3D virtual world, using different types of blocks. Players explore the world, gather new resources, craft objects, and if they so wish wage combat. Minecraft is highly praised for its positive effect on children teaching them cunning, planning and using resources in the best way possible.

Now owned by Microsoft it was originally built in Sweden. 

Is Minecraft safe? 

Minecraft can be played safely. Using single-player ‘Creative mode’ in the Peaceful setting, there is no interaction with others and no conflict. However, as players get better in Minecraft they start playing with others which is where it gets riskier. 

Can I set up Minecraft on Microsoft Xbox with VPN 

Yes, you can. It's usually quite easy to set up a VPN like Nord VPN on your Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One and Xbox 360 can protect your device and router against cyber-attacks and let you game as privately and safely as possible. 

Minecraft is safer with VPN

VPN for Xbox, 

You're easily set up NordVPN on your Xbox Series X, S, Xbox One and Xbox 360 via your Windows PC or router. Then, you’ll have a seamless gaming experience with full strength anti-DDoS protection.

 It’s a well-known fact that gamers use DDoS attacks to slow you down or kick you out of the game completely. If you are the target, multiple computers try to overwhelm your network by flooding your IP address with trash data.

The great news here is that it is almost impossible for a gamer using DTS attacks to overwhelm a large VPN provider like Nord VPN. If it doesn’t stop, jump onto another one of the 5400+ servers.

Can I Be Banned From Minecraft for Using a VPN?

Some people have reported being banned. If this happens shut everything down, restart everything, connecting to a different VPN server.

What is ISP throttling? 

Internet service providers limit bandwidth to gamers using Fortnite or Minecraft deliberately during peak traffic hours when Internet traffic is at its highest. As there are so many people using Minecraft and Fortnite during peak traffic, they intentionally limit bandwidth to the Minecraft server. 

This deliberate throttling of service is precisely what they advertised to you as the benefit of their service when they were trying to attract your business originally. Unfortunately, this practice is worldwide. 

So how does VPN help? Well, the good news is, using a VPN means your Internet service provider won't be able to tell you are gaming as you’re shielded and disguised from them in a VPN encrypted tunnel. In plain English, they can't see what you're doing, which is precisely the point.  


Reasons you might be legitimately blocked from Minecraft

Schools, sports club and employers sometimes block Minecraft. Believe it or not, schools and employers don't want you to play Minecraft when you're supposed to be working. 

You may also have had your IP address banned by a Minecraft server administrator.

Will a VPN Increase My Ping Numbers?

Your ping numbers may decrease slightly, they may also improve a lot . It all depends on which VPN server you connect to. Always find a VPN server that is located as close to your favourite Minecraft server.

A VPN like NORD VPN– with its excellent global server coverage, fast connections, and top-notch privacy and security protections at a reasonable price – is an excellent way to access Minecraft servers around the world, while also protecting your other online activities.







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