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Why Gamers really really need a VPN?

Gamers can really benefit from VPN, here's how!


More reasons for Gamers to VPN

If you game on the internet, it’s a great idea to use a VPN for privacy and security. A good VPN may also improve your gaming experience. VPNs mask your IP address, creating a secured line between your devices and the internet rerouting your data through an encrypted line.

Avoid ISP bandwidth throttling

  • Bypass IP bans
  • Protects you from DDoS attacks
  • Play safely games on public WiFi
  • No more swatting
  • Be first to play new games
  • Play games banned in your area
  • Reduces lag and ping times in some cases
  • Connect directly to routers

1. Avoids ISP throttling

Avoid ISP managing bandwidth by limiting lines to Netflix and gaming portals. A cynical but practical effort by the ISPs during peak traffic to keep things moving. Gamers using VPN don't suffer this inconvenience.

2. Bypass IP bans

Banned from a game for no reason, the appeal didn't work. Re-connect with VPN using the IP masking. Tip - Try connecting from your nearest VPN server or city where Games servers are based 

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3. Protects you from DDoS attacks

Gamers are sometimes attacked so aggressively that other gamers will deliberately knock out your home router to keep you from playing further. It takes hours to reboot and set up your router again. One can rent a DDoS / DoS attacks for as little as $10/hour, it is now quite common. this thuggery is criminal, an assault. 

4. Play safely games on public WiFi

Any public WiFi is unsafe, VPN will keep you safe disguising your details making your game safe.

5. No more swatting

Gamers can become so angry that they unbelievably start stalking other players sometimes spilling over into physicality. VPN would make discovering your details almost impossible.

6. Be first to play new games

Savvy VPN users regularly get to use, trial, test new games by pretending to be in Tokyo or Munich instead of Slough.

Games ban gamers from aggressively, VPN lets you back in the game by changing location! Use VPN to get onto pre-release

7. Play games banned in your area

One of the most popular reasons for gamers using a geoblocking VPN.  

8. Reduces lag and ping times in some cases

There’s nothing worse than dealing with a dungeon boss to find your powers aren't there anymore or racing to a treasure chest, health kit. Long ping times (the time it takes for data to send and receive between your device and the game server) are the main causes of lag, and lag will ruin your game and fun.

Pro Level Tips

ISPs regularly manage traffic onto Streaming and Gaming portals like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Minecraft. Use your VPN to connect to the server nearest you or where the game server is based. Fortnite Servers are based (it is said) in London, Frankfurt, Osaka, Paris, Tokyo, Oregon, California, Mumbai.

Finally, always connect directly to routers

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