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Is Google destroying privacy in real life and on the internet?

Is Google destroying privacy both in real life and on the internet?. Can VPN help?

What exactly is a VPN and What it Does?

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. A VPN creates a private secured link between you and the worldwide web. Whenever you connect to a VPN service, you’re connecting to a second secured network. A VPN restricts your internet activity from being tracked by sites, portals and networks, making you private in a public sphere

A VPN makes remote working give access to employees working remotely, to access their private files and data.

Personal privacy, VPN, Internet safety

  • VPN masks your IP address and location, so snoopers don’t see you.
  • A virtual private network builds your online privacy and anonymity creating a secured network on a public internet connection.
  • VPN services generate secure encrypted connections creating better privacy than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

Your location, device type, IP address, browsing history — these are are your fingerprints on the internet and core to your internet privacy. Your data is incredibly valuable, to advertisers or criminals. VPNs reclaim your privacy. It encrypts your connection to the internet, so no one sees the websites you visit or the data you share.

Don't use a free VPN service.

It is a fact that free VPN providers make a living by selling your internet traffic, browsing and habits to advertisers, which means they log your traffic. Advertising partners can see your Internet traffic matched to your IP address. Studies 70% of free VPNs were based in China where online privacy and Internet privacy does not exist. By law in China, all Internet traffic is subject to surveillance hidden behind the great firewall. Read report.

Nord VPN reduces Google tracking and keeps you private

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Does VPN disguise my details from Google?

Yes, VPN disguises your details from Google, this is the point. Google and other online trackers will only see the VPN providers details. Your IP address will be visible to the VPN provider only. So Google or any other online tracking, monitoring service will be unable to identify you. Your online activity will be bundled together with thousands of other users subscribers to the VPN service.

Kill switch makes VPN even better

Make sure the VPN technology for private home streaming allows you to use a kill switch.

  • A kill switch helps you protect your home broadband connection using VPN technology.
  • A kill switch automatically cuts off your broadband connection if the VPN is lost.
  • A kill switch will provide you protection against viruses and threats.

The need for privacy and VPN in business

It makes a lot of sense for a business to be a VPN user to guarantee competitive advantage, to protect intellectual property, to remind employees and staff and directors of the importance of company information and company IT infrastructure and the role that that plays in securing and developing the businesses growth, future success. 

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