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F-Secure Freedome VPN online privacy app for all devices.

Freedome is a new kind of simple but powerful online privacy and security app. We’ve gathered the most sophisticated online privacy features: VPN encryption, anti-tracking, safe browsing, WI-FI security and app security – all into a one-touch easy to use interface. Surf the web untracked and anonymously and don't sacrifice your privacy online!

  • Private, untracked and anonymous. Freedome a simple and powerful online privacy and security software with sophisticated online privacy features; VPN encryption, anti-tracking, safe browsing, WI-FI security and app security in a one-touch button interface.
  • Multi-Platform VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology. Freedome uses cloud-based VPN technology which encrypts data traffic from PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets making you anonymous online.
  • Be virtually anywhere. Freedome lets you select your virtual location to an array of global locations - access geo-blocked content by changing your virtual location and never miss out on your favorite content, for example TV shows or sporting events, abroad or at home.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot security. Freedome's Wi-Fi Security feature means you never have to worry about using an open or public Wi-Fi - your data and traffic is encrypted, making you invisible online.
  • Safe Browsing. Freedome has built-in Safe Browsing which protects you from phishing attempts and harmful sites while surfing the web.
  • Anti-tracking technology. Freedome uses anti-tracking technology to prevent personalised online tracking attempts and individual profiling when surfing the web - tracking protection removes all cookies leaving no browsing trace.
  • Android App security. Freedome for Android protects users against harmful apps leaking your data with Freedome's App Security feature.
  • Always get the best deals when shopping online. Freedome masks your virtual location and removes tracking cookies which means you'll always see the best online deals simply by changing your virtual location.

Safe, anonymous surfing  
Wi-Fi Security  
Private and secure  
Browsing Protection  
Change your virtual location  
Android, Mac, iOS, Windows  
Safeguard your internet privacy on your devices using the mos simple VPN app here is anywhere  
Encrypt your web traffic without data use restrictions.  
F-Secure FREEDOME VPN is made with one goal: powerful privacy and security app. Push one button and you'll connect safely to any public Wi-Fi, block malicious sites and elegantly avoid certain geo-blocks to access the content you want.
Wi-Fi security - Safely connect to public Wi-Fi and keeping your data, searches and internet use secure.
Real protection - Protect your privacy online:  hide your IP address, encrypt your connection, block tracking and harmful websites.
Browsing protection - Surf carefree: FREEDOME warns you when entering potentially harmful websites.
Change your virtual location - Change your virtual location to bypass certain geo-restrictions and to access more content.  
Wi-Fi security
A hacker in the same public Wi-Fi sees everything you do on the internet. FREEDOME encrypts your traffic, period. 

Privacy protection
Disguising and shielding your IP address, encrypting your connection, blocking trackers and harmful websites is complete protection 
Browsing protection
FREEDOME's browsing protection function warns you against entering harmful websites which means safe shopping and surfing for you.

Change your virtual location
FREEDOME lets you appear as if you were in another country. Changing your virtual location increases your privacy and allows access to websites not available in your country. Watch online TV from your home country even when you are abroad.    
How to install F-Secure FREEDOME?  
It’s easy!  
Keep the subscription code at hand, go to the following website, and follow the instructions to protect your online life:  


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